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About ECO Farm

ECO Farm was established to become a model of regenerative farming, promote food justice, and educate our community on how to connect with nature and grow healthy organic food.


What is ECO?

Earth Citizens Organization, also known as ECO, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to promote a mindful lifestyle improving our individual lives, our society, and our planet, to 100 million people or about 1% of the Earth’s population. This initiative, called the Earth Citizen Movement, is founded on three main pillars - Sustainability, Natural Health, and Community Service.

Through experiential education opportunities, teaching simple life practices, inspiring stories, as well as online and offline tools, ECO empowers individuals to make more sustainable choices and to manage their health naturally, which puts them in the best position to give back and serve their community.

What is ECO Farm?

ECO Farm, located in Cottonwood Arizona, was established in 2016 to create an environment for communities to gather and actively demonstrate our core practices.

We see ECO Farm as a model of a regenerative farm where we promote food justice, and educate our community on how to connect with nature and frow healthy organic food.

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Inspiring to grow yourself and your community

At ECO Farm, we not only want to be an example how to provide for our community, but we want to actively encourage visitors to protect the environment and food security through educational programs and experiences.

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Join the Earth Citizen Movement

To become the change we want to see, each individual must make individual choices that widely benefit humanity and the Earth. The Earth Citizen Movement was created as a platform for individuals to put those choices to action and support each other as an Earth Citizen community. As ECO's founder, Ilchi Lee, simply put, "No Action, No Creation!"

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Join the Earth Citizen Movement and pledge to protect humanity and the Earth.

Take the Earth Citizen Pledge

Walking Club

Work together to create and engage in action plans that will help your personal life, community, and environment become healthier and more sustainable.

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Donating Money

We are fueled by your donations and support.

Thank you to all donors who contribute to our mission of making a difference locally and globally.

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